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You will want to know what we know...

We serve the Metro New York area by appointment.   

Washington, DC and Boston, MA by arrangement. 

We offer consulting, appraising, and valuation services by the hour, Starting at $200.

We come to you - your home, office, 

bank vault, or any secure location.  

We aWe measure, photograph, and assess jewelry, right in front of you. re the Traveling Jewelry Appraisers

Contact us today   973-610-7517   SORITC@gmail.com

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We will evaluate, value, or appraise as you need; 

 Estate, Insurance, Liquidation, Dissolution, Identification Appraisals 

We do buy or sell evaluations, we can help with auctions 

Our clients include attorneys, accountants, individuals, insurance companies, estates, corporations, and Federal & Local Governments.  


Sara Ritchie

  Graduate Gemologist (GIA), Registered Master Valuer, and a Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, 2017.  USPAP compliant 2019-2021,  (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).  Keeping up with the industry requires constant attention to market, industry, and technical advances, I attend classes, seminars, lectures, and expositions over a dozen each year.  Active participant in continuing education in both jewelry and gemology  

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